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Zerbie Magic’s RL album project “Second Life®, Second Chance”

I’m really excited to help one of Second Life’s most talented singers Zerbie Magic, also known as her real life alt, Roserbie Theoc, in announcing her new RL album called “Second Life®, Second Chance” (working title).  You can even become a backer of the project and get some cool rewards if she reaches her target here:  Second Life®, Second Chance.

Zerbie, I know I join the rest of your fans in congratulating you on this project and we sincerely wish you all the best that your sure-to-be successful career will offer.  Congratulations Zerbie!

Love, Stella


July 6, 2010 Posted by | chic critique, FashionFeedofSL, IheartSL, Second Life®, SL™, Virtual Reality | , , , | 2 Comments