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Adventures at Reasonable Desires

Have you checked out the cool pyramid hunt at Reasonable Desires yet?  If not, you should! It’s very cool!  Created by Martini Joliat, this impressive pyramid is chock full of puzzles and clues to collect keys to your treasure!  To outfit your puzzle-solving quest,  they’ve created a bunch of adventure themed outfits.

First is Adventuress, a Victorian themed safari outfit complete with pith and cocktail style hats, vintage goggles, two styles of bustled skirt and a hand-held lantern to your light your way through the maze!

RD Adventuress

(Above) Reasonable Desires– Adventuress, Hair by Laqroki (Cutie), Pose by Animah

Complement your hunting with this safari style halter and shorts set called Explore Jane, including hip mounted rope and Indiana Jones fedora to get you to those out-of-reach heights.

RD Explore Jane

(Above) Reasonable Desires – Explore Jane, Hair by Aden (Sarah), Pose by Olive Juice

Lastly, we have Shaman which includes  male and female versions complete with loin cloths, feather bird skull headress, leafed leg wraps and also has a shrunken head or adorned walking staff depending on your mood.  If you try the pyramid hunt, you might even get this gear for free!

RD Shaman

(Above)  Reasonable Desires Shaman (with shrunken head), Hair by AOHARU (Lauren), Pose by Luth Reel Expession

RD Shaman

(Above) Reasonable DesiresShaman (with walking staff), Hair by AOHARU(Lauren)

TP to Reasonable Desires Pyramid

Reasonable Desires blog


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