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Gumi’s Bad Box – Pick Flowers (Strippable!)

I thought Gumi Yao’s other creations were adorable but this one takes the cake so far!  It’s from Gumi’s Bad Box and callled Pick Flowers. and you can do just that!  When you click on every bloom, they will disappear!  So, you can just imagine the fun possibilities 🙂  Gumi’s also made her previous recent creations “Whip Cream” and “Fruit” scripted in this way as well.  The outfits are quite inexpensive at 99L each and with each purchase you get three outfits.  This is because once the prims disappear they won’t reappear, so you can have loads of fun before having to purchase more.

Gumi's Bad Box Pick Flowers

Photo credits:

Photo and model Stella Stapleton

Pick Flowers outfit by Gumi’s Bad Box

Hair by Amrita [Sati]

Skin by Beauty Avatar Alyssa Natural #4


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  1. thanks very much Chance!

    Comment by Stella Stapleton | July 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. wow I love the light treatment on this picture! looks so real! ❤

    Comment by Chance | July 1, 2009 | Reply

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