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Reasonable Desires “Miss Kitty” burlesque

Get ready to do the can-can all the way to Reasonable Desires because you HAVE to own this superlative lingerie/costume set called Miss Kitty.  There are so many layers to this look that I don’t know where to start.  First of all…it has pasties…I said PASTIES people…you know you want it!  There are also two different styles of gloves in lace or satin, lots of different stockings, a short and long prim skirt, as well as a bra with a halter neckline in case you don’t feel brave enough to don the pasties and corset alone.  I think my favourite bits of this entire gorgeous outfit are the hair accents.  You get  an oversized flower AND  a cute little hat.  Take a close look at them too…they are exquisitely made.  I’d pay a mint for them alone!

RD Miss Kitty

RD Miss Kitty

Photos and model Stella Stapleton

Pic #1

Outfit by Reasonable Desires

Hair by:  Bijou (Michelle)

Skin by: Rockberry

Pose by:  Striking Poses  (Audrey Kitching)

Animated cig holder by mika

Pic #2

Outfit by Reasonable Desires

Skin by:  Rockberry

Hair by:  Dernier Cri (Isabelle)

Poses by Striking Poses (Charlize Theron) (Audrey Kitching),

Animated cig holder by mika

Shoes byBasevi Moda


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